A Dream Come True

Latvia in the Autumn

Last Autumn I toured around Europe with my band, Wild Troupe. We spent a lot of time in the Baltics including Riga, Latvia, where we did 6 gigs. The whole trip was really fun, but also really interesting and poignant historically and politically. Here is a poem I wrote about our visit to the Riga Ghetto.

A Dream Come True

As the sun slowly slides from the sky
Earlier with each passing Autumn day
The old city is soaked in gold and bronze
The dusty haze catching the falling rays
Between the long roofs and factory walls
Between the crooked tiles and broken bricks
Outside the air is bright and cool and full of life
Behind the door the air is thick.

Behind the door in the warehouse old
It’s damp and cold and memories hang
From the walls and the trusses and beams
That protrude from the roof like fangs
Stories are here that should never be forgotten
They twist and haunt the ancient air
Stories of families pulled apart through blind hate
A sick injustice to what’s right or fair.

As I walk out the door into the golden sunlight
With my love in my hand, it’s a dream come true
It’s not my dream, but that of thousands more
Who were not as lucky as I or you
And as we stand in the free air all seems still
The old factories frame the perfect view
No words need said, the silence is golden
Life is so perfectly precious and it’s a dream come true.


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