Gelato – No Gelato

There is a beautiful town in Italy called Urbino which has a rather large university. Every year they host a summer school in palaeoclimatology (the field my PhD is in) and I was lucky enough to go along this year. Amazing.


  1. Good food.
  2. Great climate.
  3. Beautiful culture.
  4. Interesting teaching.
  5. Great people, booze, craic, music and football.


  1. I missed Sunflowerfest to go to it.

It’s worth taking up a PhD in palaeoclimatology just to go to this summer school. Anyway, here’s my poster of my research I brought with me looking at the effect of adding the Antarctic ice sheet to a climate model at the Eocene-Oligocene Transition. The central figures show the temperature response of ice – no ice simulation, or gelato – no gelato if you speak Italian! I don’t expect the poster to make much sense without a good explanation to go with it, but I should have a paper on it ready soon.

Wooo, research! More exciting things coming soon…

Urbino Poster


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