Dances with Fools

Three years ago Eimear ‘Mother’ D founded the Irish Society at the University of Bristol. It was just what was needed by the students of Bristol: craic, great accents, Father Ted, a group to watch Ireland win the Six Nations with and (of course) awesome, cheap, relaxed ceilis.

At the start we had a few other people come in and teach the ceili dancing, but that was always quite embarrassing because we never did it in suitable venues, no one had a clue and we didn’t even have a spare microphone for them to use to call it. Naturally, I thought I might as well do it myself… A few Youtube videos, a decent memory and some improvising and now we (G and I, and whatever ceili band we can rustle up) quasi-regularly host ceilis in Bristol and beyond (from Tenerife to Lithuania).

We’re not even remotely pro: we don’t bother with any fancy footwork, that’s much too complicated for drunk people for a start. We keep it really simple, really energetic and (hopefully) really fun. If you’re interested, here’s what we have coming up in Bristol over the next couple of months.

Monday 28th Sept: Goldney Hall
Wednesday 7th Oct: UoB Irish Society ceili, Alterego
Saturday 7th Nov: Big vet ceili, Coombe Dingle

We will likely also be doing another Irish Society ceili later in the term and some ceilis with Young Bristol youth clubs, who we worked with 18 months ago. Venues and days TBC.

Maybe we’ll see you there? If the event isn’t open to the public, why don’t you book us for your birthday/fund-raiser/wedding? Like and send me a message.

Come dance with us!


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