Boom Craft

Why settle for a plain spatula? Or a conventional porridge spoon? Wouldn’t they just make your day better if you burnt a Mayan-inspired sun design onto them? At Boom Craft we endeavour to bring you mind-blowing products at less than mind-blowing prices.

Inspired by our consumer driven society, Boom Craft is the latest venture from Ezekiel Boom HQ, offering quality hand-crafted, recycled and upcycled tat. Products are made not just by myself, but by our expert team of artisans across the UK and, as a result, all products are unique and limited edition*. We hope to see you at a craft fair or a street corner soon. Until then orders can be placed in person or online via ezekielboom(at)gmail(dot)com.

Why not enquire today about what products we can make, design or radically alter into something cooler but possibly less useful?

Boom Craft – pushing frontiers.

*N.B. this does not mean they are valuable


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