For 5+ years we at Ezekiel Boom HQ have been trying to bring you the most diverse, off-the-wall collection of events, goods and creative media. However, as time ticks on and things like work occupy a more than satisfactory amount of daylight hours it becomes inevitable that ideas for new projects come in quicker than we can possibly deliver upon.

But at Ezekiel Boom HQ we don’t just stop at identifying problems: we offer solutions. We are pleased to announce that we are offering a rare and highly coveted opportunity of an apprenticeship working in the Ezekiel Boom HQ creative hub.

What would it involve? Just about anything, really. We expect apprentices to not be afraid to get their hands dirty. We are already over-flowing with ideas which just need some assistance to bring them to market. Ever wanted to make a fitness video, audio drama or mobile phone game, for example? So do we, and together we can make them happen! Besides our existing ideas, apprentices are strongly encouraged to bring their own ideas to our board meetings too.

What is the time commitment? We would ask for a minimum commitment of 5 hours per week (flexi). If you don’t think you have this much time, ask these questions: Do you eat lunch? Do you sit on public transport? Do you use the toilet? If you use Facebook while you do any of these things, then delete the app from your phone and you can probably scrape together an hour of creativity every working day. I’m currently typing this over my morning poo.

What does the apprentice gain from it? The apprenticeship will last up to 36 months (lasting for the preparation and duration of 2018: Year of the Boom), at the end of which time the apprentice will gain an official Ezekiel Boom Certificate. In addition to this stamp of creative competence, the apprentice will have an altered (improved) perception of reality where everything sounds exciting, looks achievable and stupid ideas spring out of everyday items.

What makes the ideal candidate? The ideal candidate has at least 5 hours of free time per week (as already mentioned), is very open minded and will give things a try. No particular technical skills are necessary. The cunning potential applicants amongst you will realise that this does not exclude anybody. Exactly. If you (/we) try to do something and fail, it’s still much better than not having tried to do anything in the first place.

What do previous candidates have to say? “Before getting involved in the Ezekiel Boom internship I was a puppy without a home: a shell of a man. Now my creative career is back on track, my debt crisis under control and the future is bright. Sometimes when you bring the thunder you get lost in the storm” – Stephen in da Hood

How do I apply? To apply, please email a creative CV (ideally in comic book format for example) and a suggestion of a pub in which to hold an interview (note: the quality of the pub is part of the judging criteria) to ezekielboom (at) gmail (dot) com.

We look forward to receiving your applications!


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