This week it’s Student Volunteering Week in Bristol and nationally. Here’s a little piece I wrote for Bristol Hub:

#ivolunteerbecause, simply, there are far too many interesting and important things to do around Bristol (never mind the rest of the country/world) to get caught up stressing in a student bubble. I have volunteered both as an undergraduate and now as a PhD student at Bristol and, yes, it’s ‘hard to find the time’. It’s easy to feel like you need to spend all your time cramming every last brain cell or piece of coursework with information, but taking the time to volunteer refreshes you, allows you to switch off and gives you a sense of perspective. There’s so much more to student life than partying and studying and now more than ever I appreciate that being a student actually gives me more flexibility with my time than a ‘real’ job. And, there are so many opportunities in Bristol that you can even be selfish and pick a volunteer project that appeals to you. I spend too much time stuck in front of a screen, so I signed up for Forest Schools and now I spend my Monday afternoons helping at a school getting muddy and feeding chickens instead. Better for me and better for the school. Do it: volunteer.


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