Inspired by the children I met volunteering with Forest Schools at Bannerman Road Community Academy, Easton, Bristol. Maybe all scientists could benefit from spending one day a week out in the community.


I’m sure you’ve heard that everyone is an artist.
Does that include kids whose lives are the hardest?
The top ten per cent most deprived in the country,
Because of where they grow up: it does leave you wandering,
Could all of the scientists looking for patterns
Be missing more major problems that matter?
We all need the chance to grow and explore,
To look under the rock, to want to learn more.

All kids should be artists, unafraid to try
To explore the world and try to understand why.
In painting a tree, for instance, they’ll figure out
Its structure and shape and what leaves are about.
Maybe that might help make sense of the mayhem,
Spark an interest in the world and maybe delay them
Giving up on school, their studies and learning,
If we can inspire them and keep that spark burning.

All kids should be scientists exploring this earth,
Regardless of backgrounds or their lives’ net worth.
For scientists and artists are really the same,
Trying to order the madness, transcend and explain.
No kid should miss out based on where they grow up,
We should give them a chance; one won’t just show up.
So, forget your h-index, REF and impact score,
There’s a kid out there who deserves your time more.


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