While clearing out a few cupboards of ‘Odds’ at home last week I came across some of my early poetry. Judging by the hand writing I guess I was about 8 at the time. Given the literary quality of some of the work, I am surprised none of it was picked up by publishers already. I guess that is my fault for leaving the little note book in a box in a cupboard entitled ‘Odds’. Anyway, only about 16 years later, here is some of my early work. This is a trio of poems entitled Australia – I hope you enjoy.

Australia by Ezekiel Boom (aged 8)

The Platypus

The Platypus
Doesn’t fuss
If he gets run over
By a bus.

The Dingo

The Dingo
Plays bingo,
He always wins,
Then he raids
Some bins.

The Kangaroo

The Kangaroo
Can play the didgeridoo,
Even when
He needs the loo.


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