Geek Pop pt.1

I enjoy science. I also enjoy music. Is it a good idea to put the two together? I’m not sure, but why not try?

Through music I have become very familiar with standing in front of people and performing. When performing I try to not take myself too seriously, as I would probably make a fool of myself anyway. With science you also get chances to ‘perform’, if that’s the correct word. Sometimes this is giving an actual presentation on the science I do, which can be a tad dry but is necessary when you’re talking to other scientists and trying to push the field forward. Sometimes though, I get to stand up and talk about science to a more general audience, and that’s when things can get a bit more exciting and creative. The general public don’t care about first order finite differential schemes or the mechanisms controlling carbonate concentration depth through the Cenozoic… So I tend to leave those bits out and go for something a bit more tongue in cheek, and rock and roll.

Apparently Geek Pop is already a genre, where people sing about science or other nerdy topics. I only discovered this having played two songs at the tail end of 2016, thinking I was really original and hilarious. It turns out I am neither. Anyway, here is the first of these songs. It was performed at the University of Bristol as part of the introduction event for new post-graduate students. I am describing the research group I am part of, BRIDGE (Bristol Research Initiative for the Dynamic Global Environment), which in a nutshell spans multiple departments in the university and studies climate and environmental change. It’s called Under the BRIDGE.

P.S. Happy new year! Sorry it’s been a slow start to 2017 from Boom HQ, but there’s lots of exciting news once I actually sit down to write about it.


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