I used to be hip and cool, but then I noticed some signs that proved I was already becoming middle-aged:

  1. The quality of programming on Radio 4 is very high
  2. Making jams, chutneys and preserves is an exciting hobby
  3. Dinner parties are better than night clubs
  4. Wool is a very practical clothing material
  5. The thought of staying in on a Friday night gets you through the week
  6. Board games are better than video games
  7. Ironing fabric (e.g. bed sheets) makes them feel nicer
  8. The washing up is better done before bed
  9. Red wine, black coffee and non-alcoholic beer are all drinkable
  10. Food can be too sweet
  11. Borderline high blood pressure
  12. News like this makes you extremely happy – Hurray for the Housing Act 2004
  13. You get a Le Creuset pot for your birthday
  14. Comparing the recession of hairlines
  15. Home insurance seems to be important


What have I become…?


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