Heads or Tails

It’s official, my folk band now has a name or a Facebook page! For nearly two years we have been offering one-off foot-stomping folk experiences at short notice to tiny crowds, operating under continually changing band names (e.g. Ezekiel Boom a& The Christmas Pudding, The Magic Puddings, The Price of Beer, Slimpit and Slimpet). This was great, and we really could have kept doing it for the foreseeable future. However, we decided that realistically our aim as a band is to play Glastonbury 2019, so that probably means we will have to pick a band name and make a Facebook page for that to happen.

So here you go, we begrudgingly signed our life away to ‘the man’, and now we can spam you all doubly much… Give us a like!

If you need convincing as to our musical credentials, here is a recording of a traditional set (consisting of Galway Races, The Apple Cart and The Apple Press, Napoleon Crossing the Alps) from our last unique performance as Slimpet, recorded at the Jelli Records open mic at Bristol Fringe last Tuesday. Give it a listen – 6 frenetic minutes well spent in my opinion!


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