Hanging Like Balls

BREAKING NEWS: My debut EP, Hanging Like Balls, is finally out this week!

This EP is 6 years overdue, because unfortunately it’s not very good. That’s probably not what you’d expect me to say, but it’s true and that is because I recorded it when hilariously hungover.

Way back in 2011 I booked a recording session with a mate on percussion at a studio in Bristol. I was pretty hopeful that I could get some good recordings down and finally have an EP ready to release. However, fate got in the way… I forgot what date I was even meant to be going to the studio and the night before went out very hard. I was luckily woken by my percussionist an hour before we were due to be in the studio and I was, well, hanging like balls. Another friend kindly drove us to the session and I attempted to play music, and unsurprisingly it didn’t turn out so well.

Up until now it has lived at the back of my computer with my disappointment gathering dust, but where’s the fun in that? We all make and (hopefully) learn from mistakes, so here’s one of mine… It seems better to laugh and learn from your mistakes than to pretend they never happened. The tracks are in the order we recorded them and you can hear a clear progression in the strength of my voice as the hangover started to ease later in the afternoon. What a hallion…

The 3-track EP will be available to stream and download on Bandcamp from Monday 14th August. Downloads are FREE and come with a highly desirable mystery gift! Not sure if there will be physical copies yet, but if that’s something you would want (and be happy to pay £2 for, which would go to charity) please fill out the form below. If more than 3 people respond, I’ll do it.

If you want to really celebrate in style*, I will be officially launching the EP at the Jelli Records Open Mic at Bristol Fringe (Clifton) on Tuesday 15th. I’ll be playing the tunes from the EP, as well as signing autographs on body parts and drinking beer, so it’s well worth coming along. It’s free entry too, obviously. You can find more details about that here.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoy the EP when you finally get to hear it. It’s not amazing, certainly not perfect, but nothing ever is. Hooray! Let’s all embrace our mediocrity!

Peace and love,
Ezekiel xoxox

*Hangovers may be an undesired side effect of having too much style.


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