Ezekiel Boom, a.k.a. Alan Kennedy, is from Ballinderry, Northern Ireland, but currently resides in Bristol, England. While it is a shame to be separated from the amazing NI music scene, Bristol is also an incredibly vibrant and creative city and provides limitless opportunities for all the sorts of silly activities that makes Ezekiel Boom tick. Some of the things I, Ezekiel, do include:

  • Music: I toured 8 countries in Europe with my Irish folk band Wild Troupe in Autumn 2014 and now I am working on a hip-hop collaboration, because I like mixing it up. Want to make a band? Sweet! If you have an idea for a band/genre/tour/anything, get in touch.
  • Creative writing and stuff: I’ve done poetry for a long time, often because I was too lazy to structure words or come up for music to turn it into a song. I am also working on a series of short stories. Why? Well, because in Danny Champion of the World by Roald Dahl, Danny’s dad tells Danny stories every night that he just makes up and I thought that sounded awesome. Then there’s drawing and crafts and stuff. That’s also fun, but I don’t do that quite so much.
  • Ceili dancing: I am Bristol’s most under-qualified but enthusiastic Irish ceili dance caller. It all started through the University Irish Society when I figured it was significantly cheaper and easier to learn the dances off YouTube and teach them yourself than to hire someone legitimate to do it. The accent helps. We do them for uni groups, fundraisers, private parties and volunteering projects. Book us/come along to one: you’ll enjoy.
  • Research: I like asking questions, so that’s now officially my job as a PhD researcher in physical geography at the University of Bristol. I am looking at the Eocene-Oligocene Transition ~34 million years ago, because lots of cool things happened then, like the Antarctic ice sheet formed. Papers and outreach ideas are already underway.
  • Gardening and building shit: It’s really nice to get outside and away from a computer so I make/do lots of things. My back catalogue includes: growing tomatoes, making tables, brewing delicious white wine, organising international tours, repairing sheds, converting Ford Transit vans into campervans and giving people (and myself) dreadlocks. If you would like advice on any of the above, or just general life advice (quality of advice not guaranteed), then do get in touch!

So I hope that tells you a little bit about myself. But let’s not just focus on me. How are you? What do you do?


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